The URC public/private partnership includes:

Orange County Public Schools, FL (OCPS)
The Orange County public school system is the 14th largest district out of more than 16,000 in the nation and is the 5th largest in Florida. The OCPS operates 152 schools and with over 160,000 students.

Seminole County Public Schools, FL (SCPS)
The Seminole County Public School District is teaching about 70,000 students with 5,000 teachers. Every school within the District offers art, music, physical education, and technology instruction. As well as a guidance counselor, district social workers, psychologists, and school nurses. Also, elementary schools offer morning and/or after school child care programs, as well as full-day child care on Student Non-Attendance days and during the summer.

Brevard County Public Schools, FL (BCPS)
Covering nearly 10.7 million square feet in more than 100 buildings, Brevard Public Schools provides instructional services to more than 73,000 students each day with our mission statement "to serve every student with excellence as the standard". Brevard ranks as one of the top academic achieving districts in the state and has earned the 2007 Governor's Sterling Award, recognizing it as a role model for organizational performance excellence.

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), Cocoa, FL
Nationally recognized energy research institute of the University of Central Florida. FSEC will develop the URC program and provide monthly utility data translation and maintenance. This approach will provide a standard report format and consistency between the utilities and the school district.

Local Utilities
Local utility companies that provide electric utility service to participating school districts will electronically send the utility billing data to FSEC ( on a monthly or weekly basis. The utilities will benefit from the URC by the positive public relations and outreach associated with helping schools manage their energy usage.

Progress Energy, Orlando, FL
Orlando Utilities Commission
Florida Power & Light
Gainesville Regional Utility

State of Florida Energy Office, Tallahassee, FL
Providing the initial funding to FSEC for development and implementation of the URC.

U.S. Department of Energy's EnergySmart Schools (ESS), Washington, DC
The ESS is a program that works with schools to reduce utility consumption/costs throughout the United States. The URC will provide ESS with an Energy Information System tool for school districts that will complement energy education programs already offered through the EnergySmart Schools. Additionally, through the existing national network of ESS partnership districts, the URC will be easily replicated and offered to schools nationwide.

Walt Disney World Company, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Assisted OCPS in streamlining their facilities management processes and reducing utility costs. Walt Disney World has developed web-based energy information systems and is providing technical support for the development of the URC.

Southeast Rebuild Collaborative
Southeast Rebuild Collaborative (SRC) is a joint effort of the state energy offices of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. This collaboration promotes energy efficiency to individuals, school districts, state and local governments, colleges and universities, vendors, trade organizations, and other allies in the member states with the goal of motivating institutions to save energy and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Energy Saving Compendium
A compendium of relevant FSEC research on school energy efficiency. This valuable research will give you a great start to saving energy in your school district.

The partners desired to develop the URC in the public domain so that other school districts throughout the United States could eventually benefit from it. In December 2003, the State of Florida Energy Office funded FSEC to develop the URC prototype. URC is under constant development and will continuously add new features.